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Attention TDY students:

If you do not have a Government Travel Card you need to put in a request for ADVANCED PAY to your Finance Office NO LATER THAN TWO (2) weeks prior to your Technical School Graduation date to allow for processing so that you may receive your pay, once the TDY begins. 
You must have TDY orders to file for your Advance Pay.  In the event your orders are not received prior to the NLT date, file for Advance Pay immediately upon receipt of orders

Its extremely important that you make this request to ensure that you will be able to cover the costs of lodging and food for the duration of your AOCIQT course.
View the IQT Reporting Instructions HERE
View the AOCFUN Reporting Instructions HERE
View the JAOC2C Reporting Instructions HERE

Information at a glance :

There is no need to contact the 505th TRS security office regarding your clearance verification.
If there are issues detected during the verification process; the 505th TRS security office will contact the student and unit security manager to correct the problem.

PLEASE NOTE: Cell phones will have to be left in your vehicle or at your hotel/billeting location. Read the 505 TRS Electronic Device Policy Letter for further information.

505 TRS registrar will arrange lodging accommodations for all inbound students. Please contact the registrar office for details or if you have any questions. The registrar can be reached at DSN 579-7885 or commercial 850-884-7885. If you are staying on base, you are authorized to receive proportional rate per diem of $29 per day. You must ensure this is stated on your orders. Not all government meals will be available or provided.

Important travel information:

JAOC2C Students
The last day of class is broken into 2 exercises; the last exercise ends at 1800. Graduation for the last exercise is at 1830. Do not make travel arrangements earlier than 2 hours after graduation.
Operator Students
Graduation is at 1800. Do NOT make travel arrangements to depart earlier than 2000. Recommend you make arrangements for next day travel

Students will be required to have a minimum of $5,000 on their government travel card before attending class.

Have at least 3 copies of your orders.

Read through the IQT/AOCFUN/JAOC2C Reporting Instructions for MORE information you need to know for attending this course.

505 TRS Contact Information
DSN: 579-7885/6237
COMM: (850) 884-7885/6237
FAX DSN: 579-5399

COMM FAX: (850) 884-5399