Graduate Surveys

General Information:

ACCI 36-2250, Operations Training Development, establishes the ACC Graduate Evaluation program (GEP). The GEP consists of graduate and supervisor feedback based on surveys, personal interviews and other external evaluation data sources such as standardization and evaluation reports, IG reports, training requirement meetings, etc. The purpose of the GEP is to assess the quality of the training the graduate received based on how well graduates meet job performance requirements in an operational environment. The requirement to collect date from FTU graduates and supervisors is established in ACCI 36-2250, Operations Training Development. Further information on the GEP and the roles and responsibilities of the 505th TRS and the AOC unit training managers is found in ACCI 36-2250. A link to the publication is here.

Training Managers:

Please review each class roster and determine if any personnel from your unit need to submit a survey. If so, notify the individuals and provide the link to the appropriate survey. To send the link in an email, you must right click the survey link and select copy link location. Then paste the survey into an email. Normally copying and pasting of the text will not work.

**IMPORTANT** Each class and course has a different survey link, so if a graduate of class 14-03 needs to submit a survey, it must be for the class 14-03 course they attended (ISRD, Plans and Operations Technician, etc.)


the 505th TRS is authorized by HQ AF A3CO/A6CP (Operations and Cyberspace Operations) to administer surveys using Survey Monkey in the .com environment. The survey meets the requirements of the Air Force Manpower Agency/Air Force Survey Program office with the assigned Report Control Symbol: ACC-OTD (AR) 8102.

You may review the Survey Monkey Security policy here:

Contact Standardization and Evaluation Flight for any questions.
DSN: 579-3772