FTU Academic Integrity Please read the Academic Integrity Disclaimer HERE
Important information concerning Per Diem Rates: There was an issue with the DTS computed proportional meal rate for Hurlburt Field, therefore; If you are staying on base, you are authorized to receive the proportional meal rate (PMR) of $35.00 ($30.00 plus the $5.00 incidental rate). You must ensure this is stated on your orders. Not all government meals will be available or provided. Another workaround is to add the difference as a non mileage expense. Note: Until further notice, the traveler must use the Special Rate function on the Per Diem Entitlements page in DTS to correct the PMR. All students should confirm billeting location by calling the Commando Inn at DSN 579-7115 or commercial (850) 581-1627 no sooner than one week prior to courses start-date.
IF PCSing to USAFE If you are a Air Force member, DoD Civilian or possess a CAC Card and are PCSing to USAFE, and attending training at Hurlburt Field enroute, it is important that if you need to complete the USAFE Driver's License test, it needs to be accomplished at your home unit, prior to PCSing. The test can only be accessed from a .mil computer and due to lack of availability, access will not be available while TDY at Hurlburt Field. You must create an account and user password to self register through the Air Force Portal.
Incoming students, please be sure to read the IQT Reporting Instructions. This document contains vital information you need to be aware of for your schooling.
Rental car/Transportation policies Please be aware of the rental car/transportation policies for when you attend training. Read about these policies on the Student Information Page
New Contract Quarters MOA for IQT and JAOC2C students. Effective 24 May 2010 Please read this memorandum that impacts ALL students attending courses starting 24 May 2010
Uniform requirement during training: USA: ACU or A2CU in UCP USAF: ABU or Flight Suit USMC: Seasonal MARPAT, Flight Suit or Seasonal Service Uniform USN: NWU or Flight Suit Civilians: Business Casual Attire