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605th Test and Evaluation Squadron

The 605th Test and Evaluation Squadron (TES) reports to the 505th Test and Training Group headquartered at Hurlburt Field, Florida. The 605 TES conducts operational tests, including cybersecurity assessments, as well as tactics development and evaluation of upgrades to systems. Cybersecurity assessments are intended to identify the capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities of the system in the presence of realistic threats. The 605 TES also provides support for developmental testing and various other major command (MAJCOM) and joint special projects. The squadron operates three detachments and one operating location.


As directed, the 605 TES conducts operational test & evaluation (OT&E) of command and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C2ISR) systems including Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS), air and space operations center (AOC), tactical air control party (TACP), control and reporting centers (CRC), air defense sectors, National Capital Region – integrated air defense system (NCR-IADS), distributed common ground station (DCGS), nuclear command, control, and communications (NC3), Common Mission Control Center (CMCC), and other systems for the joint warfighter. The squadron develops and evaluates tactics to optimize the combat effectiveness of C2ISR systems.   


Air Operations Center (AOC) Test Element:  Conducts OT&E on joint-, combined-, and unit-level theater air control systems that exercise C2 of theater-wide forces in support of the Joint Forces Air Component Commander. 

Control and Reporting Center (CRC) Test Element: 

Conducts OT&E of mobile C2 and radar systems, including the AN/TYQ-23A Operations Module, Battlespace Command and Control Center (BC3), and AN/TPS-75 radar.

Homeland Defense Test Element:  Tests C2 systems that support the U.S. Air Defense Sectors and National Capital Region Integrated Air Defense System (IADS).

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Test Element:  Tests systems that process, exploit, and distribute ISR data, including the Distributed Common Ground System.

Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Test Element: Tests Joint Terminal Air Controllers (JTAC) and Air Support Operations Centers (ASOC) systems for voice and digitally-aided close air support (CAS) operations.

Weapons & Tactics:  Weapons & Tactics is responsible for the execution of tactics, development, and evaluations (TD&Es) to optimize the performance of C2 and ISR systems.

Technology Integration, Support & Analysis, & Test Management Flights:  These flights ensure the 605 TES plans, execution, and reporting are conducted in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) policy. They also provide expertise in test objectives, measures, metrics and support data collection, and management of operational testing tasks.

Nuclear Command, Control, & Communications (NC3) Test Element:  Conducts OT&E on a wide range of new acquisition and sustainment NC3 platforms including global aircrew strategic network terminal (Global ASNT) and Vinson advanced narrowband digital voice terminal (ANDVT) cryptographic modernization (VACM) in support of multiple MAJCOMs. 


The 605 TES has approximately 48 enlisted Airmen, 32 officers, 54 civilians, and six contractors assigned.


The 605th Test and Evaluation Squadron is currently the most decorated squadron assigned to the 505th Command and Control Wing (CCW). The squadron traces its roots to the 605th Tactical Control Squadron established on 5 December and activated on 15 December 1945 at Biggs Field, Texas. The unit was initially assigned to the 502nd Tactical Control Group then was transferred to Greenville Army Air Base, South Carolina, on 13 January 1947. However, their time there was short-lived as the unit moved to Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina, on 27 June 1949 and remained there through 27 August 1950 when the unit moved to Korea. They arrived at Pusan Air Base, South Korea, on 24 September 1950. They frequently moved while in Korea bouncing from Pusan to Taegu Air Base on 1 October 1950, Seoul, on 14 October, back to Taegu Air Base on 16 December, and finally back to Seoul on 10 June 1951. 

Following hostilities, the squadron arrived at Osan-ni (Osan) Air Base, South Korea, on 25 January 1954. The squadron moved to Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, on 15 April 1959 for a short period before settling in at Clark Air Base, Philippines, on 21 October 1959 as an element of the 5th Communications and Control Group where they remained through the squadron’s first inactivation on 1 October 1961. Two years later, the squadron was reactivated on 10 December 1963 and organized on 8 April 1964 at Clark Air Base, Philippines, under the 5th Tactical Control Group. The squadron remained here through their second inactivation on 31 December 1971. 

The 605th Tactical Control Squadron was redesignated as the 605th Test Squadron on 9 April 1993. The squadron activated six-days later on 15 April 1993 at Eglin Air Force Base (AFB), Florida, under the 505th Command and Control Evaluation Group. 

The 605th Test Squadron moved to its present location on Hurlburt Field on 30 September 1997. When the Air Force Command and Control Training and Innovation Group was redesignated as the 505th Command and Control Wing on 12 March 2004, the 605th Test Squadron was redesignated as the 605th Test and Evaluation Squadron and assigned to the 505th Operations Group under the new wing. The 505th Operations Group was redesignated as the 505th Test and Evaluation Group on 31 March 2011; the squadron was reassigned to the 505th Test and Training Group on 1 August 2019.


605 TES, Operating Location - Alpha (OL-A) is located at the Ryan Center on Langley AFB, Virginia, and reports to the AOC Element.


Detachment 1, 605 TES at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, serves as Air Combat Command’s (ACC) test organization for the E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft as part of the AWACS Combined Test Force. Detachment 1 is responsible for planning, coordinating, and flying test sorties on ACC E-3s and Japanese E-767 aircraft and other airborne command and control platforms as requested.    

Detachment 2, 605 TES at Robins AFB, Georgia, serves as ACC's test organization for the E-8 E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) aircraft as part of the JSTARS Joint Test Force. The detachment focuses on E-8C legacy modernization through sustainment, modernization, and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) development.      

Detachment 3, 605 TES at Beale AFB, California, serves as ACC's test organization for Common Mission Control Center (CMCC). The CMCC is an advanced tactical battle management C2 prototype designed for use in the contested, degraded environment. The CMCC is intended to become a member of the Theater Air Control System (TACS).      


For more information about the 605th Test and Evaluation Squadron’s mission, contact the 505 CCW Public Affairs office at 850-884-9476 or

(Current as of June 2020)