705th Training Squadron

The 705th Training Squadron (TRS), reports to the 505th Test and Training Group headquartered at Hurlburt Field. Florida.  The 705 TRS serves as the focal point for advanced air operations center (AOC) and Air Force Forces (AFFOR) education and command and control (C2) process improvement.  The squadron educates and trains AOC and AFFOR staff members of Combatant and Numbered Air Force Commanders, joint, and allied partners.  The squadron’s newest mission provides initial skills training for the Multi-Domain Warfare Officer (13O) Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC). We improve and standardize C2 processes through the development of operational-level techniques and procedures for the joint and coalition warfighter.


The 705th Training Squadron’s mission is to provide advanced operational level multi-domain C2 training and education for joint/coalition senior leaders and special technical operations (STO) planners; equip AOC warfighters through tactics development.


In-Residence Air Operations Center and Air Force Forces Senior Leadership Courses:  The Combined/Joint Air and Space Operations Senior Staff Course (C/JSSC) and AFFOR Senior Staff Course (AFSSC) are senior professional military training programs designed to prepare U.S. Air Force (USAF), sister service, and allied O-6s and key O-5s for key senior leadership responsibilities in an air component headquarters.

Operational Command Training Program (OCTP):  The program’s purpose is to use a trained and highly experienced cadre of subject matter experts (SME) to improve operational warfighting skills of senior operational-level commanders and staff through mentoring, teaching, and training. OCTP employs senior mentors and highly experienced operational command and control subject matter experts to provide peer-level feedback and training to Air Force and Functional Component Commanders and staffs at the operational level of air, space, and cyber warfare.

Specialized Just-in-time AOC and AFFOR Training (SJAT):  In conjunction with a USAF Senior Mentor from the OCTP, squadron senior academics and leadership training instructors provide individualized, tailored, just-in-time academics, and training to USAF general officers enroute to AOC and AFFOR related command assignments.

Component Numbered Air Force (C-NAF) Lessons Learned (L2) Program:  The staff attends exercises, planning conferences, and real-world events where they are charged with the collection, processing, and publishing of validated operational-level air lessons learned, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and training trends.

C2 Warrior Advanced Course:  The course equips the Air Component Planner for advanced, integrated multi-domain operations. This is an advanced course, taught at the STO level, which targets mid-level leaders (officers, noncommissioned officers, and civilians) of air component headquarters.

13O Initial Skills Training:  This AFSC-awarding course trains 7-12 year officers from operational backgrounds in the fundamentals of operational planning, and command and control. The course focuses on multi-domain integration through education and practical exercises.

Air Component STO Planners Course:  A HQ USAF-sponsored course, provides top off training/education to USAF STO-accessed air component planners on overarching STO doctrine; integration into AOC and AFFOR processes; roles and responsibilities; and specific STO security processes.

AFFOR Intermediate Staff Course:  The AFFOR Intermediate Staff Course (AISC) provides initial training and education for personnel tasked to support Commanders of Air Force Forces (COMAFFORs) as members of their staffs/liaison elements.

Executive STO Training:  A one day, in-residence based seminar venue for senior U.S. officers focused on special access program (SAP) integration in air component operational-level planning and execution.

Support to Air University (AU):  The instructor staff supports AU’s Combined Force Air Component Commander (CFACC) Course by providing course materials, instructor SMEs, and senior mentors.

Exercise Support:  Functional experts attend exercises, experiments, and contingencies to provide SME, academic and process training assistance.


The 705 TRS has approximately two enlisted Airmen, 13 officers, 31 civilians, and 44 contractors assigned.


The 705th Training Squadron activated on 12 March 2004 at Hurlburt Field, Florida, under the 505th Training Group.  The 505th Training Group redesignated to the 505th Test and Training Group on 1 August 2019. 


For more information about the 705th Training Squadron’s mission, contact the 505 CCW Public Affairs office at 850-884-9476 or debora.henley@us.af.mil.

(Current as of June 2020)